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Evald Nielsen Wine coaster
Royal Copenhagen, blue fluted half lace; A wine vinegar of porcelain #1180
Royal Copenhagen, Flora Danica; Dessert cup #259
Dahl Jensen; a porcelain figurine, Woman with a goat #1276
A French opaline glass sugar casket with brass
Hans Hansen; Susanne bouillon spoons of sterling silver
Georg Jensen; Moonlight grapes ring of sterling silver
A silver bracelet set with amber
A. Michelsen; A silver bangle
A 14k gold thimble
Mogens Balle painting, oil on canvas
A diamond bracelet of 18k white gold
Georg Jensen; Clip-on earrings of sterling silver with lapis lazuli
Omega Seamaster De Ville, wristwatch of steel
A Danish candleholder of brass
A Danish glass sugar bowl, silver filigree handle, around 1860
Georg Jensen;
An Emerald ring of 18k gold
A coral ring of 14k gold
A Cavalry pistol, 18th century
Royal Copenhagen, blue fluted full lace; A cream jug of porcelain #1140
A French sugar crystal glass box, around 1800
Christian H. Lorenzen; Necklace of 14k gold
Guldvirke; A Bracelet of 14k gold
Willy Krogmar;
A bracelet of 18k gold
Bernhard Hertz; Ring of 14k gold with an aquamarine
Ove Fogh Pedersen; Necklace of 14k gold
Bing & Grondahl; Guardsman figurine of porcelain #2342
E. L. Weimann; a jugend brooch of silver with amber and chrysoprases
Niels Erik From; Ring of sterling silver set with amber
Saxbo; a stoneware vase
H. Mann; Ring of 14k gold and white gold with a sapphire and diamonds
Champagne glass flutes; Christian VIII/Berlinois
Danish clay piggy bank; An owl
Georg Jensen, Sigvard Bernadotte; Cup of sterling silver
Royal Copenhagen, blue fluted; Holder for egg cups #471
A pendant of 14k gold with an amethyst and diamonds
N. E. From; A pair of ear clips of sterling silver with rose quartz
N. E. From; A bracelet of sterling silver with rose quartz
Royal Copenhagen, blue fluted half lace; Oil pitcher #1179
Georg Jensen, Lene Munthe; Ring of sterling silver with gold
Niels Holm;
A calf of patinated bronze
Bjørn Wiinblad;
a pitcher with lid
Royal Copenhagen, blue fluted full lace; Dish #1115
Anton Michelsen;
Bangle of 14k gold
Niels Erik From;
A bangle in sterling silver with amber
Georg Jensen; "Grape" candlestick in sterling silver
Necklace in 14k gold with aquamarines and pearls
A pocket watch in 14k gold
Frantz Hingelberg, Svend Weihrauch; bottle coaster of sterling silver
Hans Hansen;
A bangle in sterling silver
Georg Jensen, Sigvard Bernadotte; Bernadotte server in sterling silver
Kähler, Svend Hammershøi;
A earthenware vase
Th. Skat-Rørdam; Necklace in 14k gold
Bjørn Wiinblad;
a pitcher with lid
Saxbo; a stoneware vase
Arne Bang; a stoneware pitcher
French glass cups
Svend Saabye; Composition
A ring of 14k gold with an amethyst
Guldvirke; necklace in 14 kt. gold
Otto P. A patinated wood figurine
Flora Danica, Royal Copenhagen, dinner plate #3549
Frantz Hingelberg, ring in 18k gold with a ruby
Ole Lynggaard, Ring in 14k gold with an opal and a diamond
Ole Lynggaard, pendant with a coral mounted in 14k gold
Flora Danica, Royal Copenhagen, Custard cup #3514
Flower girl fra Sealand, Royal Copenhagen #12418
Flora Danica, Royal Copenhagen, porcelain dish #3540
An amethyst and diamond pendant in 14k white gold
A diamond brooch in 14k gold and whitegold
Paul Fischer, flowersellers in Højbro Square
Pendant with faith, hope and love of 14k gold
Emanuel A. Petersen, Agtos Umanak
Russian silver cigarette case with gold and sapphire
Samuel Joensen-Minikes, faroese village, 1937
A Doctors ring in 14k gold
Arne Bang, a stoneware pitcher
Still life with dead animals, unsigned
Ring of 18k gold with rubies
A. Michelsen, Knud V. Andersen, ring of 18k white gold with tourmaline and brilliants
Hans Hansen, bangle of sterling silver
Nanna Ditzel child chair of teak
Ole Lynggaard. A pair of diamond ear clips of 14k gold
Hans Hansen bracelet with hearts, sterling silver
Hans Hansen jewelry, tripartite neckring of sterling silver
Georg Jensen. A wide bangle of sterling silver
Hans Hansen bracelet of 14k. gold.
Wegner, PP 201.
Game of chess
Longines watch, gold-plated steel, automatic
watch, steel, automatic
Omega watch, 18k gold, automatic
Omega watch, gold-plated steel, automatic
GJ: Johan Rohde; "Acorn". Complete for 12 persons.
Golden Age landscape, F. C. Kjærschou, 1881
Seascape, C. Benjamin O. 1912
RC, Axel Salto
A. W. Boesen: Landscape nearby the alps
Portrait Painting, David Gjellebøl
Fisherman, Michael Ancher
Meissen porcelain dish 18th century.
A bangle of silver, Bent K.
RC, blue ara no. 503
Svend Hammershøi, Rosenborg Castle
Bracelet of 14k gold, A. Michelsen
RC figurine. Clown with dancing bears
Solid teak plates, Kay Bojesen, Denmark
Chinese porcelain dish. Chien Lung, 1736-1796
Royal Copenhagen, Knud Andersen.
Lid jar
Wegner piano bench, AP-30
Wegner chair, CH-22
Pair of table lamps.
Poul Henningsen.
Wegner chair model CH27
A pair of torch lamps from Fogh & Mørup approx. 1930
Kähler vase, designed by Svend Hammershøj
Sauce Boat Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica
Georg Jensen Fusion bangle in 18k gold, white gold and yellow gold
Silver bracelet with semi-gilded surfaces and inlaid with bone
A jewelery set of 14k red and white gold, Ole Lynggaard with diamonds
Royal Copenhagen vase in stoneware, designed by Axel Salto
Blue fluted flowerpot from Royal Copenhagen
Anette Kræn. Silverring with 14 carat gold and Tahitian pearl
Kähler vase with turquoise glaze
B&G vase. Top-bojan. Marie Smidth. approx 1920
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