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Sculptures & bronzes

An Italian grand tour bronze figurine "Seated Hermes/Mercur" after Michelle D'Amodio
Just Andersen; A figurine D2326, boy made of disko metal
A cloisonne lid jar set with a dachshund in Viennese bronze
Otto P. figurine, woman with child, granite
Gold-plated bronzefigure; standing naked woman with loose robes from the beginning of the 20th century
Max Lindenberg; bronzefigure of naked woman with a snake and loose robes
P. Ibsen; figure of Venus inspired by sculpture of Thorvaldsen in terracotta
Louis Hasselriis; Sculpture in bronze of naked woman
Aluminia, Johan Galster; A lady figurine, faience #3297
Kai Nielsen; A bronze figurine
Just Andersen; A figurine of disko metal, a woman
Bronze sculpture created by Einar Utzon-Frank. Nude woman 32 cm tall.
Unique and colossal large vase of the N. Norvel. No. 750. year 1915-30. From P Ibsen I orange and matte black.
Wilhelm Bissen; A bronze figurine, a duck
A French clock of gilt bronze, neo-rococo
A French clock of gilt bronze, neo-rococo
Bing & Grøndahl, Kai Nielsen; Blanc de chin figurine of porcelain #108
Adolf Müller-Crefeld; A bronze figurine
Jens Galschiøt; A bronze sculpture
Couple of English terracotta lions
A Viennese bronze letter knife, French around 1900
Burnished bronze figurine, French, around 1900
A bronze vase mounted on a marble base, empire around 1810
Patinated bronze bust, around 1900
A French writing set of marble and gilt bronze, around 1900
A French bronze figurine, around 1870
Eric W. Nussy, a French bronze figurine around 1900
Ruth Anna Marie Milles, "Yvonne"
Lid jar of Bronze
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