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Antik Damgaard Lauritsen Antik Damgaard Lauritsen


Peter Hansen; Painting, Enghave Plads, Copenhagen, oil on canvas
Otto Bache; Painting, Horses, oil on canvas
Carl Fischer; A charcoal drawing
Alf Broge; Painting, interior, oil on canvas
I. L. Jensen school; An oil painting, flowers
A. Mackeprang; Painting, partridges, oil on panel
I. L. Jensen school; A small oil painting, roses
Chr. Benjamin Olsen; Painting, Motif from Spain, oil on cardboard
Carl Fischer; A charcoal drawing
Aage Lund; Painting, arrangement, oil on canvas
Chr. Benjamin Olsen; Painting, Motif from Snekkersten, Denmark, oil on canvas
I. L. Jensen school; An oil painting, flower bouquet and peaches
Knud Søeborg; An oil painting, two sisters
Emmy Thornam; An oil painting, flower basket
Holger H. Jerichau; An oil painting, Golfo di Napoli seen with Vesuv
Painting, still life with oranges and wine, 20th century
Victor Brockdorff; An oil painting, a naked woman
A flower painting, late 19th century
Painting, still life with fruit, 19th century
Svend Saabye; Oil painting, composition, green
Olaf Rude; An oil painting, studio at Bornholm, Denmark
Ole Ring; Painting, Danish city "Køge", oil painting
Heinrich Hansen; An ink drawing 1842, woman with children
South Europeans ports motif around 1840
Italian landscape, Holger H. Jerichau
Painting by Johan Rohde, motiv from Italy in 1926
Danish painting made by Thorald Læssøe
Painting of I. T. Hansen (1848 - 1912)
Painting by Louise Quaade. 1873
Flower painting by Peder Knudsen. 1940
Flower painting by Ejner Parslev. 1923
Painting by Harald Schumacher.
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