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Antik Damgaard Lauritsen Antik Damgaard Lauritsen


Malthe Engelsted; Oil painting, Dinner around the table
Carsten Henrichsen; Oil painting, Motif of sunset at Bornholm
Emanuel A. Petersen; Oil painting, Sermitsaiq seen from Godthåb, 1928
Wilhelm Marstrand; Painting, conversing women in doorway
Emanuel A. Petersen; Oil painting, sunset at Christianshaab / Qasigiannguit
Emanuel A. Petersen; Oil painting, Umanakoen / Uummannaq
Jørgen Sonne; original pencil drawing, motif of returning soldiers from the 1848 war
Painting, still life with flowers, fruit and glass, early 19th century
I. L. Jensen; oli painting with flowers
Eiler Rasmussen Eilersen; Painting, Motif of Swiss mountains, Oil on canvas
Peder Mønsted; Painting, Motif of a sunset by an oasis in Egypt, Oil on canvas
Painting, Louis XVI as a child, around 1764
Peter Tom-Petersen; Near Langelinie, Copenhagen, oil on canvas
Danish painting, oil, siblings with a dog
Danish painting, oli, girl with an apple
Jens Sørensen; Painting, religious motive, oil on wood
A. E. Kieldrup; Bernstorff castle, oil on canvas
Mogens Hertz; Painting, Bornholm, oil on canvas
Christian Benjamin Olsen; Painting, Motif from Spain, oil on canvas
Carl Fischer; A charcoal drawing
Aage Lund; Painting, arrangement, oil on canvas
Chr. Benjamin Olsen; Painting, Motif from Snekkersten, Denmark, oil on canvas
Knud Søeborg; An oil painting, two sisters
Painting, still life with oranges and wine, 20th century
Painting, still life with fruit, 19th century
Olaf Rude; An oil painting, studio at Bornholm, Denmark
Heinrich Hansen; An ink drawing 1842, woman with children
South Europeans ports motif around 1840
Painting by Johan Rohde, motiv from Italy in 1926
Flower painting by Peder Knudsen. 1940
Flower painting by Ejner Parslev. 1923
Painting by Harald Schumacher.
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